Onyinye Alheri

Onyinye works as an outreach counselor at At The Crossroads. She has been organizing in East Oakland around transit justice and housing rights for the past three years. Onyinye came to Oakland from Baltimore, where she was raised with a strong sense of commitment to the liberation of poor people, immigrants, and communities of color.

Wendy Aragon

Wendy works at Principal Builders, Inc., as an assistant project manager. She has a passion for public policy, social justice, and community organizing. Raised in a working class family, surrounded by labor politics, she has naturally evolved into an experienced organizer. She is serving her second term as chair for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Citizen’s Advisory Committee.

Heather Arata

Heather is a researcher focused on alleviating health inequities and currently works with the San Mateo County Public Health Department’s Health, Policy, and Planning Division. Her previous research areas were on health disparities and environmental justice, including examining public participation process around permitting of hazardous facilities in the Central Valley. A native of Stockton, she now lives in San Francisco.

Alexandra Bastien

Alexandra is a senior associate at PolicyLink, a national research and action institute dedicated to advancing social and economic equity. Prior to joining PolicyLink, Bastien was a 2012-2013 cohort member of the Proteus Fund Fellowship for Diversity in Philanthropy, and served as the co-executive director of the National Black Women’s Society, Inc. She lives in Oakland.

Brytanee Brown

Brytanee is a community planner for TransForm where she leads the organization’s shared mobility outreach campaigns. She is an urban planning professional passionate about engaging communities in the development of places and programs that support the creation of wealth for all residents. Brytanee lives in Oakland.

María D. Domínguez

María works at Berkeley Youth Alternatives as a program administrator. She currently resides in West Alameda where she is fighting for fair rents and just-cause tenant protections with the Alameda Renters Coalition.


Adlemy Garcia

Adlemy is a community organizer with East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO) where she seeks to foster leadership that challenges oppressive systems. She grew up in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. She lives in Oakland.


Theresa Imperial

Theresa is a housing case manager at Veterans Equity Center. She serves as a board secretary for Manilatown Heritage Foundation and board treasurer of San Franciscans Against Real Estate Speculation. Rooted in community, she has been an advocate for affordable housing in San Francisco for the past seven years. She speaks Tagalog and Spanish.


Elliot Karl

Elliot is a capital financial planning analyst at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). He serves as the fundraising chair and on the Coordinating Committee of the Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)-Bay Area Chapter, an organization dedicated to mobilizing white people to take action and contribute resources in the fight for racial justice. He lives in Oakland.


Preston Lam

Preston works with the Chinatown Community Development Center preserving affordable housing for low- to moderate-income households and special needs populations in San Francisco. He is a queer, first-generation Chinese-American aspiring to create vibrant communities by integrating social justice advocacy with community real estate development. He lives in San Francisco.


Daniel Lau

Daniel is the manager of Strategic Engagement with the Build Healthy Places Network, facilitating relationships and partnerships with community development and health organizations to promote cross-sector collaboration and improve health and well-being in low-income communities of color.  He lives in San Francisco.

Chris Maldonado

Chris, a native San Franciscan, works as a teacher and student support coordinator at San Francisco International High School, a school that serves recently arrived immigrant students in San Francisco. He is currently a Policy Advisor Fellow working with a board member of the San Jose Unified School District. He lives in San Francisco.

Christina Murphy

Christina works at the Berkeley Drop-In Center providing housing support services coupled with resources to support people with food, clothing, medical care, and transportation. She is a long-time resident of Berkeley, committed to advocating for tenant rights in her community. In November 2016, Christina was elected to the Berkeley Rent Board.

Lia Azul Salaverry

Lia is special projects associate at the San Francisco-based Mission Neighborhood Centers. She is politically active and involved with organizations such as the San Francisco Women’s Political Committee, San Francisco Vision, and the San Francisco Young Democrats. In 2015, Lia worked as the fundraising manager for Proposition I, an affordable housing and land use measure, in San Francisco.