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To work, to class
To keep bus service, VV must pass!To keep fares cheap, VV must pass!

Measure VV was placed on November’s (2008)  ballot after hundreds of bus riders and drivers, as well as public officials, spoke out against proposed fare hikes in the spring.  Facing a shortfall of over $20 million, AC Transit had considered dramatically increasing fares – especially on youth and seniors. The public pushed back, asking that AC Transit find an alternative way to close the budget gap.

Urban Habitat, student leaders from a number of local youth groups that participated in the effort to block AC Transit’s proposed fare increases, the Transportation Justice Working Group, and unions such as ATU 192 all came together to get the measure passed by 71.6% of the vote.

“The majority of AC Transit riders are very low-income and are dependent on AC Transit to get to school, work, and community services,” said B.O.S.S. Board Member and bu
s rider, Carmen Angelandretti. “We simply can’t afford a fare hike or a service cut.”

“Ideally, AC Transit would be getting its fair share of existing transportation funds and Measure VV wouldn’t be necessary,” said Director of Transportation and Housing at Urban Habitat, Bob Allen.  “However, AC Transit is short-changed and so it must turn to other funding sources like the parcel tax to maintain existing levels of service.  We know that in this economic climate, paying another tax won’t be easy for some.  However, the alternative – fare hikes or service cuts – would be even more harmful to the East Bay’s most vulnerable.”

Measure VV created a new parcel tax of $48/year for property owners and extended an existing parcel tax of $48/year an additional 4 years, raising AC Transit an estimated $14 million per year.  AC Transit’s Board Members have committed to keeping fares low for youth, seniors and the disabled since Measure VV passed in October.