Ellen Wu

Executive Director

Ellen has dedicated her professional career to improving the health and wellbeing of low-income communities of color. Prior to joining Urban Habitat, she was Executive Director of the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN) for 12 years. She currently serves on the City of Oakland's Infrastructure and Affordable Housing Bond Oversight Committee and the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN)'s board. She received her Master's in Public Health from UCLA.

email: ewu@urbanhabitat.org
extension: x305

Bob Allen

Director of Policy and Advocacy Campaigns

Bob has led the Transportation Justice Program at Urban Habitat since 2007. In 2009, Bob helped lead a successful campaign to stop the use of $70 million in federal stimulus funds for the Oakland Airport Connector project based on civil rights violations. More recently Bob led UH's work supporting the successful Free MUNI for Youth campaign and regional equity campaign through the 6 Wins for Social Equity Network. His background and experience include community planning and policy work both in the United States and internationally, labor organizing, as well as organizing and advocacy with refugee and immigrant communities. Bob received both his Bachelor's degree in Political Science and History and his Master's in Public Policy from Rutgers University.

email: ballen@urbanhabitat.org
extension: x314

Wendy Aragon

Program Manager of Leadership Development and Advocacy

Wendy is a Bay Area native who grew up working class and has spent most of her life being a renter and transit dependent. A long-time San Francisco resident, she is passionate about civic engagement and fighting for more equitable infrastructure. Wendy is a BCLI alum who has served as the Chair of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's Citizens Advisory Committee and is currently serving as the Vice-Chair of the San Francisco Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Advisory Committee. As a commissioner, Wendy has consistently advocated for policies that center the voices and interests of low-income residents, immigrants, and people of color. She is a founding member of Richmond District Rising, a coalition of neighborhood activists who are building political power among tenants, working families, immigrants, and BIPOC living in San Francisco's Richmond District. She attended San Francisco State University where she double-majored in American Studies and Urban Studies.

email: waragon@urbanhabitat.org
extension: x308

Larisa Casillas

Program Director of Leadership Development and Advocacy

Larisa is a passionate advocate with a great sense of humor and love for justice. Working with and for communities of color and low-income communities energizes and inspires her. At Urban Habitat, she oversees the leadership development activities of the organization, ensuring alignment with our policy priorities. She is an alumna of Urban Habitat's Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute (BCLI). Larisa is an advisory board member for PODER, a San Francisco-based economic and environmental rights organization and board treasurer/secretary for EBASE, an Oakland-based regional economic rights organization. Prior to joining Urban Habitat, she managed a ten-county immigration legal services collaborative at the International Institute of the Bay Area.

email: lcasillas@urbanhabitat.org
extension: x319

Pam Flood

Director of Finance and Operations 

For over 25 years, Pam Flood has worked to provide a strong foundation for non-profits working for equity and social justice. Prior to joining Urban Habitat, she was the Director of Finance and Operations of the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN) for 15 years. Her experience includes financial management, operations, human resources, event management, fundraising, and grantmaking. Pam is a graduate of Amherst College, earning a B.A. in Sociology and Black Studies.   

email: pflood@urbanhabitat.org
extension: x332

Cristál Gallegos

Vallejo Housing Justice Organizer

Cristál has joined Urban Habitat as the Organizer for Vallejo Housing Justice Coalition (VHJC). VHJC believes that housing is a human right and that evictions are a form of state sanctioned violence and are always inhumane. VHJC centers the voice of Vallejo tenants and those displaced by harmful policies that favor corporate landlords over the human right to housing. Cristál comes to Urban Habitat with over 12 years of experience organizing in impacted communities in Arizona, New York, Oregon and California. Cristál earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and in Raza Studies from San Francisco State University. In her free time, she is sure to be found with her best friend Buddha - an 11 year old blue nose pitbull who loves daily walks and affection, or hiking on one of the many beautiful trails of Point Reyes.

email: cgallegos@urbanhabitat.org
phone: (707) 646-1950

Chris Schildt

Director of Housing Justice

Chris has been advancing community-driven campaigns for housing justice and equitable development for over a decade. Before joining Urban Habitat, she worked at PolicyLink, leading anti-displacement and inclusive economic development strategies with national partners, grassroots community organizations, and local government officials. Chris currently serves on the board of the Berkeley Housing Authority and the Supportive Housing Community Land Alliance.

email: cschildt@urbanhabitat.org
extension: x306