Urban Habitat is investing in replicating our model across the country with partners who are working to catalyze systemic change. Replication enables Urban Habitat to create a national community of advocate commissioners who can develop relationships with each other and share best practices, policy and planning tools, and support.

Read our latest report developed in collaboration with our replication partners and BCLI alumni, Successful Community Engagement in an Era of Virtual Public Meetings, which provides recommendations for staff and commissioners on how to ensure meaningful community engagement during online meetings.

Is a BCLI right for your region?

If you’re interested in starting a BCLI in your region, consider the following questions.

How mature is your advocacy ecosystem? A BCLI requires a number of individual advocates who are currently working on systemic change and are poised for the next stage of leadership development. The network of organizing communities must be strong, with issue expertise and readiness to leverage an inside-outside strategy. 

Is your region looking to diversify commissions? Your region should recognize the need for greater equity and diversity among government staff, elected officials, funders and advocates. 

Have you identified a host organization with the capacity and interest to replicate? Urban Habitat requires a host organization whose mission aligns with ours, and which has the relationships, the staffing and the financial capacity to successfully implement the BCLI. 

Our technical assistance will:

  • Build capacity for the host organization to design and implement a successful program.
  • Support the host organization to tailor the program design and curriculum to suit local needs and available resources.

The host organization can choose the level and type of technical assistance, based on their needs and their available staffing and resources. Replication support is typically most intensive for the first year, with ongoing support provided directly from Urban Habitat and through our community of BCLI national replication partners.

"The Urban Habitat staff has made our Sacramento program possible. Whether it’s recommending a webinar platform, brainstorming curriculum ideas, on in-depth pedagogical discussion, they have provided what we need to not only get the program off the ground, but continuously improve it. Our graduates have used their seats to propose improvements to Sacramento County’s safety net programs, improve park facilities in communities of color, and support the use of “boomerang” redevelopment funds for affordable housing. The depth of passion they bring to their work never fails to amaze me, and I look forward to having a strong network of equity-minded commissioners throughout the Sacramento region as a result of BCLI." - Veronica Beaty, Sacramento Housing Alliance BCLI staff